Term Definition
Active Legacy name for Event Mitigation mode. Refers to realtime detection and mitigation.
Client The party integrating the solutions/systems. For example, the client populates Detection GET parameters, or the client posts data to the Data Sync end point.
CNAME CNAME (Canonical Name Record or Alias Record) is a type of resource record in the Domain Name System (DNS) that specifies that one domain is an alias of another canonical domain.
Passive Legacy name for Pageview Monitoring mode.
Postback HTTP POST event where data is sent to a server. For example the tag makes a postback of collected signal to the system for detecting events.
S2S Server to server, used to refer to communication between two servers, typically via an API using HTTPS or other protocols (e.g. gRPC).
Signals Data the tag collects or data sent by a client to our system. Typically used for identifying whether the event is a bot, or for integration purposes (e.g. join key between Tag event and S2S call).
Tag Refers to the HUMAN Detection Tag. Available as a JavaScript tag, a 1x1 pixel, and mobile SDK (beta) - depending on the environment and integration method. The tag enables the collection of signals and classification of events as bot.
User The end user or machine generating the event that needs to be detected. For example, a user is served a detection tag, and for said event (e.g. login attempt), the solution will determine whether the event is a bot.
Mitigation API The Realtime Mitigation engine used in Event Mitigation Mode.